1 Wendele, What Have You Done

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Wendele, What Have You Done

Written by Peggy Perry Anderson

Reviewed by Michael S. (age 8)

Hi my name is Michael S. and the title of the book is ?Wendle, What Have you Done?? I?ll be showing you lots of things about the book too. The author is Peggy Perry. The story is about two boys who shaved their dog, named Wendell. Wendell somehow got the electric shaver and chased the boys around with it. I can?t tell you the whole story but I can tell you that the boys and Wendell had a good run around their backyard.

I liked the book because it was very funny my favorite part of the book was when one of the boys fell into the pool. Later on in the book Wendell ends up bald. I wonder what it would be like to have a dog of my own. Would I have this much trouble giving him a bath?

I recommend this book to my friends and family because they will find how funny the book was. The book will interest the reader because its not just funny it gives you a lesson too. Its not easy taking care of a dog.