1 Pirates Don`t Wear Pink Sunglasses

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Pirates Don`t Wear Pink Sunglasses

Written by Debbie and Marcia Thorton Jones Dadey

Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Jonathan D. (age 11)

Pirates Don`t Wear Pink Sunglasses

This book is about a pirate who wears pink sunglasses. He is planning to get the treasure on a lost island. The Bailey School Kids have a map that tells what part of the island the treasure is buried in. Here is a little part of the story. ?I think he is a pirate.? Howie said.

Eddie laughed out loud. ?Pirates lived a long time ago. There aren?t any left today.? ?Besides who ever heard of a pirate wearing pink sunglasses?? Melody said.

? I don?t know.? Liza said. ?Let?s go.? ? We can?t,? Howie shook his head. ?We know too much. If this is a treasure map and Mr. Jenkins really is a pirate, we may be in a lot of danger!?

I like this book because just when you think you know what?s going to happen something surprises you. The illustrations look real. I think other people would enjoy this book because it has a lot of funny parts and it is so surprising.

I recommend this book to people who like funny books and like to be surprised at the end of the book.