1 Ride a Purple Pelican

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Ride a Purple Pelican

Written by Jack Prelutsky

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Justin W. (age 8)

What would it be like to ride on a giant pelican? Jack Prelutsky wrote this collection of Rhymes called ?Ride a Purple Pelican.? This book has many rhymes. My favorite one is about some kids that rode on a giant purple pelican. They flew from Seattle to the city New York. They both rode on a purple pelican and a silver stork.

I think this book is special. It is special because it?s giving you rhyming words and it makes you laugh at the weird things that go on in the book. The part that made me laugh was when it said ride a purple pelican ride a silver stork. Have you really ever rode on the back of a Stork? My favorite character is the purple pelican. He is my favorite character because he let the little kids ride on his back.

I would like to recommend this book because it might be very special to someone who likes Pelicans Storks and other animals that they might not have heard of but would like to know about.