1 Harold and the Purple Crayon

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Harold and the Purple Crayon

Written by Crockett Johnson

Illustrated by Crockett Johnson

Reviewed by Jade V. (age 9)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to draw your own adventure? Harold did. This is a story about how he used a purple crayon. Crockett Johnson wrote Harold?s story called ?Harold and the purple crayon.? He?s the illustrator too. Harold had a purple crayon that he drew with. He drew half a moon, buildings, unfinished mountain, and an apple tree with a monster behind it. Harold drew different things with his imagination.

I thought that the book was full of imagination. I give the author an A+ for this book. I enjoyed this book because I love the imagination in the book. The book made me happy because it was fun when the character changed the pictures on the wall. There is lots of creativity because I never saw anybody draw something and interact with the drawing.

I think you should read ?Harold and the Purple Crayon? because you will really love the imagination the author used to create this story.