1 Makeup Mess

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Makeup Mess

Written by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Reviewed by Rylan M. (age 8) & Dalton Q. (age 7)

Makeup Mess

A little girl named Julie saved up all her money to buy makeup. She even robbed her little brother?s piggy bank. She put her money in a bag and went to the store to buy makeup. She bought one of every kind. When she got home she put on the makeup. She even colored her hair.She had on black lipstick and earrings in both ears. She thought she looked as pretty as a movie star. When her parents saw her, they both screamed. She went upstairs and washed off all that makeup and started over. This time she put purple on her cheeks, her hair red and two nose rings. She thought she looked as pretty as two movie stars. When her parents saw her, they both fell down. Then Julie washed off all the makeup and everyone said she looked beautiful. Julie decided to sell her makeup to her friends and sold it to them for $300.00. She paid her brother back and used the rest of the money for....? You?ll have to read to find out.

We thought the book was good and funny. The pictures in the book were really funny. Dalton?s favorite part was when the parents and mailman fell down after they saw her. It was hilarious. Rylan?s favorite part was when she robbed her brother?s piggy bank because then her little brother didn?t have any money. The pictures in this story were very funny. The funniest page was when the baby was riding the dog. Another funny page is when the baby is squirting the clerk at the store with shaving cream.

We would recommend this book to other people. Rylan thinks his cousin and his mom would like this book. It is a very funny book. Anyone would like this book. Adults can even read this book. Try not to laugh too much when you are reading. Make sure you look at the pictures in the book. They are really funny.