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Postcards from Pluto

Written by Loreen Leedy

Illustrated by Loreen Leedy

Reviewed by Ethan H. (age 7)

Postcards from Pluto

This book is about a robot who is made out of aluminum and metal. He teaches kids about space. He is a tour guide who takes kids through a museum and tells them about space. They take a trip to space and write postcards back to their parents about space. They tell you what it is like on all of the planets. They see asteroids and Saturn and all of its rings. This book tells you about all of the planets and the moon.

I liked this book. It has Jupiter and I first learned about Jupiter in first grade. I like space books. My favorite part in this book was Jupiter. Jupiter is my favorite planet. I liked the pictures in the book because there are a lot of stars. I also like the robots.

I would recommend this book to other kids. If you like space, you will want to read it to learn more.