1 Dolphins!

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Written by Sharon Bokoske

Illustrated by Courtney

Reviewed by Lane B. (age 7)


This is a true book abut dolphins. There was a girl who fell off a boat and a dolphin found her and brought her back to the shore. At first, when the dolphin swam up to her she thought it was a shark. The dolphin pushed her up to the shallow water and she turned around and watched the dolphin swim back. Dolphins let people pet them. One dolphin gets caught in a fisherman?s net and gets brought up into the boat. There are some kids who try to keep dolphins safe in the sea and out of the tuna fishermen?s nets. Some dolphins live at aquariums and put on shows for people. Some dolphins are trained to give rides, raise flags, ring bells, bat balls, and shake hands. Some dolphins can even paint. Dolphins at aquariums have trainers who train them to do tricks. They swim with the dolphins. Dolphins can learn to find things that are lost underwater. They also help with children. They swim with children who have special needs. Dolphins are very gentle.

I liked this book because my mom took me to see a movie about dolphins. My favorite part of the book was when the dolphins were in the saltwater tanks with the scientists. They would jump up to get their food. I wanted to read this book because I like dolphins and reading about them. I felt very good when I read this book. I have read it a lot of times.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about dolphins. It gives you a lot of different information about dolphins.