1 Power and Glory

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Power and Glory

Written by Emily Rodda

Illustrated by Geoff Kelly

Reviewed by Kaycee C. (age 10) & Taylor S. (age 9)

Power and Glory

This is about a video game that a boy started to play and he kept getting distracted by his family members. He kept losing the game because of this.

This story reminds me (K.C.) of when I'm playing my Game Boy Advance and when my sister comes and wants to play. I get distracted and lose. It reminds me (T.S) of when my sister distracts me, too. My game says "game over." We liked the book because it shows the distractions you can have playing a game.

This is a good book to read because it's like real life. Everybody would like this book. Even though it is a picture book older kids will like it too.