1 A Taste of Smoke

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A Taste of Smoke

Written by Marion Dane Bauer

Reviewed by Shelly B. (age 8)

A Taste of Smoke

Wooooh!! Alone and afraid, two sisters, named Lisa and Caitlin have gone camping. Caitlin has a wild imagination. Daily, she wanders off into the forest and meets a ghostly boy called Frank. He tells her about joining with his ancestors, and explains that he lost his way through his second life. Caitlin wonders if Frank is telling the truth, or just simply scaring her. Lisa doesn?t believe Caitlin, because of her imagination. Lisa?s boyfriend, Alex, is acting as though he?s hiding an important secret from Caitlin. Will Frank survive being a lost ghost, or can Caitlin find out Alex?s secret?

I never got bored reading this book.

My favorite parts were when Frank snooped around Caitlin. The unique thing about it is that you?ll experience sudden, cute surprises.

I think readers would mostly enjoy the magical ending of the book. Someone who likes mysteries might also love this book.