1 Amber Brown is Not a Crayon

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Amber Brown is Not a Crayon

Written by Paula Danziger

Illustrated by Tony Ross

Reviewed by Francesca I. (age 7)

Amber Brown is a messy kid. Her best friend is a boy and his name is Justin and he is very neat. Amber and Justin share a ball made out of gum that they had for a long time. Amber and Justin had been friends for 4 years which is when they were in pre-school. Justin's mother had some bad news. Justin was moving. Amber and Justin were both really sad. One day, when Amber and Justin were on their way home, Amber started a hopping race and they hopped all the way home to Justin's house and Amber said, "I won, I won!" Justin stopped when he saw the "for sale" sign because it said "sold". Then they started a fight because Justin was moving and his mom was going to have a fit about the ball made of gum. So, he threw it out. Then it was the day when Justin was going to move. He was telling how he would meet new friends. Amber felt really badly. She did not want Justin to go because he was going to meet new friends. They asked their teacher Mr. Cohen if they could go out in the hallway and talk. You should read this book find out if what happens.

I think this is a good book because it's about two best friends and one has to go so the other one felt badly. I like books that have friendship in it because it reminds me of my friends. I liked the part at the end but I can't tell you what it is. I like Amber because she's kind of funny like when she said "I won, I won!" because the loser has to burp. And because she's also messy and she never cleans up her stuff.

I think other people should read this book because it's about true relationships and one has to leave and the other one really felt badly. It's like when friends split apart and don't really talk. Kids who have best friends who have split apart and came back together will really like to read this book.