1 Dogzilla

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Written by Dav Pilkey

Illustrated by (same)

Reviewed by Jorden A. (age 6)

Dogzilla is a book about 8 mice and a dog. Dogzilla was destroying the town by biting the town and stepping in it. The mice solved the problem by giving the dog a bath. Dogzilla went back in his volcano, because he didn't like the bath. There is a surprise at the end of the book!

I liked this book because I like the pictures. I liked the picture where Dogzilla is looking at the bones of the mouse the best. The mice were smart to put Dogzilla back in his volcano. The pictures in this book are different from other books because the animals are real, and in other books, there are just drawings of animals.

I would recommend this book to children that like dogs and cats. I think they would like it because the animals in the story are doing things that animals don't usually do. That makes it a cool book!