1 The Twiddle Twins Haunted House

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The Twiddle Twins Haunted House

Written by Howard Goldsmith

Illustrated by Jack Kent

Reviewed by Jena K. (age 9) & Jennifer D. (age 9)

The Twiddle Twins Haunted House

A hippopotamus family hears a tapping noise. What could be causing all the noise? Tabitha and Timothy Twiddle think it?s a ghost, the plumbing, or mice. The family searched for the answer. They looked all around the house. Then Timothy found the tapping. It was a branch. Mr. Twiddle cut it off.

But the tapping noise began again. Now they thought it was a mouse. They looked all around. They thought it was the pipe. So they called the plumber. The plumber said, "the pipes are fine".

So then the tapping noise started again. So the plumber ran out of the house and he screamed, "this house is haunted!" So then they called the mouse catcher and he didn?t find the mouse. The tapping noise began again. So the mouse catcher said, "I have to go now," and he ran out of the house as fast as the plumber. They kept on looking.

Read this book to find out what is causing all the tpping noise. Make sure you don?t wet your pants while you?re reading this book, called The Twiddle Twins? Haunted House.