1 Fire Drill

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Fire Drill

Written by Janet Craig

Illustrated by Mckillip Thornbury

Reviewed by Taquil I. (age 5)

In this story there is a man named Fred. He tells you all the rules and ways to stay safe in a fire situation. Fred also saves lives. The illustrations show how he saves lives of animals and people. Fred shows off the beautiful red truck. The red truck has a ladder and hoses too. At the end of the school day, something strange happened while Fred was still there. If you want to know the kind of job, Fred does or what kind of truck, he likes to show off, then you must read this book.

I found the pictures to look dangerous but I learned from them how to keep safe. I was in a fire and my mother told me to do some of the things that Fred was showing the students in the book. My favorite part was to seeing the kids go outside to look at the big beautiful red truck. Fred was very nice to the children in the story. He was always smiling at them and assuring them that if they followed everything that he said in a fire situation they would be safe.

I recommend all teachers, parents and children in this world to read this book because you always want to be prepared for a fire.

Taquil I.
is a student in
Union Chapel