1 Morris the Moose

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Morris the Moose

Written by Bernard Wiseman

Illustrated by Bernard Wiseman

Reviewed by Marcos M. (age 9)

Morris the Moose

Morris told the cow she has four legs and one tail so she must be a moose. The cow told Morris she?s not a moose ? she is a cow. But Morris did not listen. So they went to ask a deer and the deer said they had four legs and a tail and things on their heads so they must be deer. And the moose yelled that the cow is a moose. The deer laughed at them. Then they asked a horse about what they were. And then they went to drink water from a cool, blue stream and they found a surprise. You?ll have to read the book to find out the surprise!

I like the book because it is funny. The moose was very confused. He was silly. The deer was silly too. The horse was my favorite character because I like horses. The illustrations are good because they help to tell the story. This book reminded me of when I try to tell the truth and nobody listens like the moose did not listen to the cow. When that happens I get angry like the cow got angry with the moose and the deer and the horse.

I think other people should read this book. I recommend it to my friends because I think they will like it. I also recommend book to people who like animals.