1 Clifford's First Valentine Day

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Clifford's First Valentine Day

Written by Norman Birdwell

Reviewed by TL (age 5)

Clifford's First Valentine Day

Emily and Clifford were playing with blocks, a doll and markers. Then they made Valentines for Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad. While they were at the post office mailing the Valentines, Clifford fell down the out-of-town mail hole. I like Clifford because he is funny. Also, I like him because he is a good friend to Emily.

I don't know if a dog would really be able to cut out valentine hearts with his mouth, but Clifford does. You should not eat paste like Clifford does in this story.

I like the story because I like both Clifford and Emily. The story was exciting to hear.

Kindergartners who like dogs, big red dogs like Clifford, should like this story. You should learn that dogs and children should not eat paste because it tasted yucky and got stuck to Clifford's teeth.