1 Frindle

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Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Brian Selznick

Reviewed by Tyler K. (age 9)


"Frindle" is a story about a boy and a pen that he named "frindle". The boy was named Nick, and he was in the fifth grade. Mrs. Granger was his language arts teacher, and she made him write a report about the dictionary. Then he got the idea to make up the word frindle and start using it. Pretty soon, all the kids in Lincoln Elementary School were using the word frindle. That made Mrs. Granger angry, and she made them write sentences about not using frindle. Then it spread all over the place and more and more people were using it. Finally, Mrs. Granger allowed them to use it in school. She wrote Nick a letter telling him that the word frindle finally made it in the dictionary so it was a real word. Then he wrote her a letter and gave her a frindle.

I think that this was a good book. I liked when everyone in the fifth grade said "frindle" instead of "cheese" when they took their class picture. I think that people could make up their own words too. It would be neat to have my own word in the dictionary. The pictures were really good in this book. They made the people look like the words said.

I recommend this book. It was pretty easy to read. It had good pictures, too. I think kids should be about eight, nine, or ten to read it by themselves, but I think that parents would like it too.