1 Frindle

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Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Brian Selznick

Reviewed by Destiney M. (age 9)


This book is about a boy named Nick who picks up a pen and names it "frindle". He kept on using the word frindle and Mrs. Granger, his teacher, got mad. The kids in the school got in trouble for using his word, and she put down a rule that every time they used the word, they had to stay after school and write sentences. The principal went to visit Nick's mom and dad to talk to them about the word, but they couldn't stop the kids from using the word. The word frindle spread to the whole world, and it got famous. At the end, Mrs. Granger she gave Nick a present, and a few years later Nick gave her a present. To find out what they got, you should read the book.

I think that this book was okay. I liked the part when Nick named the pen. I think it was kind of cool that he made up a word and it went around the whole world. I wish that any kid could make up a word and have it used like that. I didn't like when Mrs. Granger put down the rule and made the kids write sentences after school. I remember when one of my teachers put down a rule like that, and I thought it was hurtful.

I think that other kids should read this book because it's a neat book. It would give them ideas about making up new words. I think that fifth grade kids could read this book by themselves, and younger kids can read it with help from teachers.