1 Cat Dog's Big Idea

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Cat Dog's Big Idea

Written by Ann Braybooks

Illustrated by Niall Harding

Reviewed by student in The Gummi Bear's Reading Club

Cat Dog's Big Idea

CatDog is two different animals in one body. One day CatDog was riding their bike and the Greasers came. The Greasers are three mean dogs. They decided to try to take their bike, and they tied CatDog in a knot. Winslow the Mouse gave Cat an idea. Cat called to order some Happy Brain videos to get smarter and make a plan for Dog to get their bike back. Cat made a potion for Dog to drink to get stronger and a little bigger. Cat warned Dog not to eat any fruit because it makes you very, very big and very strong. (The book teaches you that a tomato is a fruit, but I knew that already.) Read the book and you?ll find out what happens next!

I felt excited while I was reading this book because the story is exciting. My favorite part was when Cat bought the video and got the idea to make Dog smarter. I thought it was funny. I liked the illustrations because they show how weird CatDog is. I like the CatDog cartoon on TV too. I like watching the show more than reading the book, but the book is funny too. CatDog is my favorite character. I like one of the Greasers because he acts crazy. The biggest Greaser is mean. I like Winslow because on TV he has parties all the time. I liked him in the book because he gave Cat a good idea. This book doesn?t have a message or a lesson ? it?s just fun and silly.

I think my friends and everybody at school would like this book, because it?s funny. Anybody who likes funny stories would like this book. Even 12-year-olds would think it?s good. People who like the TV show would really like this book, and so would people who like cats and dogs