1 The Night the Heads Came

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The Night the Heads Came

Written by William Sleator

Illustrated by Broeck Steadmen

Reviewed by Tabitha B. (age 13)

The Night the Heads Came

Have you ever been attacked by aliens? I haven?t but Tom and Leo have. They were driving down a dirt road and all of a sudden their car broke down and they heard weird noises outside the car.They got out of the car and then they saw that aliens were all around them. They started running and then the aliens were everywhere and they couldn?t get away. Then the aliens took them to their spaceship.

The next day Leo woke up in his car but Tom was gone. Leo couldn?t remember what had happened so he went home. He told his mom and dad about how he woke up and couldn?t find Tom. They asked him what happened but he couldn?t tell them what had happened. Well, I don?t want to tell you too much so you?ll have to read it yourself.

I think it was cool how Tom figured out what really happened. I think you should read this book because it?s cool and awesome. I think you?ll like the part when he cuts half of his ear off and the part when Tom comes back.

I recommend this to anyone that wants to be attacked by aliens.