1 Arthur's Teacher Trouble

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Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Sahsa G. (age 8)

It?s the first day of school. Arthur?s teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is very strict. He gave them homework on the first day of school. Every year there is a school spellathon. Mr. Ratburn gave a test to see who would represent the class in the spellathon. Everybody studied harder then ever! Mr. Ratburn said," Everybody did very well, but only two of you got all of them right." Arthur and the Brain got picked for the school spellathon. Will Arthur win the school spellathon? From this book I learned

From this book I learned that if you try and try the hardest you can, you can do anything.I think the part when his mother says "time for bed, you can fiish your map of Florida in the morning" and Arthur said "Africa". I think that part is funny because his mom said Florida when it was really Africa.

I recommend this book to people who watch Arthur on PBS or read Arthur books.