1 My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

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My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Katarina H. (age 8), Sabah M. (age 8)

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

Have you ever wished for something and it came true in a funny way? That?s what happened to Patricia, the main character in this book. Her brother Richard could do everything better than Patricia, which made her upset. Richard could pick more blackberries than Patricia, he could run the fastest, climb the highest, throw the farthest, sit the longest, and get the dirtiest! One day she saw a shooting star, and wished that she could do something better than Richard. Her wish came true in a crazy way. The lesson that we learned is to be careful about what you wish for. Find out the rest yourselves!

The book teaches a moral and it?s great for brothers and sisters. Sabah?s favorite part of the book is when Richard admits Patricia can stay on the merry-go-round longer than Richard, because she likes close bonds between friends and family members. ?This story reminds me of me and my sister. We hate each other sometimes, and next thing you know, she?s the best.? Sabah also LOVED the pictures.

Katarina loved the book because it reminds her of her and her little sister. ?She always gets upset when I win and sometimes even cries!? The illustrations were beautiful, and she made the pictures look realistic. Katarina liked Patricia because she reminds her of herself and her mom. ?My mom can run faster than I, holds her breath longer and so on.?

Katarina and Sabah recommend this book to kids who like picture books and brothers and sisters who fight all the time. It teaches that you should be good to each other because you never know when you will need each other.