1 Just Go To Bed

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Just Go To Bed

Written by Mercer Mayer

Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

Reviewed by LG (age 6)

Just Go To Bed

A kid was playing cowboy. Then the kid was playing general. Then the daddy says it's time for the general to take a bath. After all the times his Dad says to take a bath and go to sleep, he did. The son and the dad are very important characters in the story. I like how the kid races and was always going and never stopping.

The pictures are special because they look real. I don't like the part when the boy is lassoing the tree in the garden. I don't like that he caught his dad instead of the tree. I think that is mean. If I were in this story, I would like to play hide and seek with the boy. I liked that the boy had a teddy bear.

Kindergartners will like this story because the pictures are pretty. I learned that you should do what your mommy and daddy say the first time.