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Written by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Reviewed by Kylee K. (age 11)


Have you ever seen a house where no one lives and strange things happen? In this story a girl named Neely and her brother Grub (Gregory) visit an old house called Halcyon House. At first it is a normal visit to go meet the dog, Lion, but then they decide to see what?s inside the house. They go up onto the veranda and look through the window. When they get inside they explore the whole house except one locked room. On their second visit they find a ring of keys and Grub thinks one might go to the hidden room. It does and the room turns out to be a nursery. In the nursery there is a beautiful doll house where Grub finds hundreds of toys. They also notice a chest that they open and find a loom with an "M" on it. They think this once belonged to the little girl who died here.

Neely gets suspicious and asks an old woman if she knew the little girl who died there. Of course she knew and told them the little girl's name was Monica. They go to the house and inside the nursery. They are playing and then all of a sudden someone opens the door a little and asks what their names are. You?ll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

I thought this book was a little scary at the end. Now that I have read this book I get scared whenever there is just a little sound. This book should have a little more to it instead of just cutting off in the end. My favorite character in this book was Neely because she was smart and very energetic.

I think people who like scary stories should read this book.