1 Princess Lulu Goes to Camp

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Princess Lulu Goes to Camp

Written by Kathryn Cristaldi

Illustrated by Heather Harms Maione

Reviewed by Danielle D. (age 7) & Daphne R. (age 7)

Princess Lulu Goes to Camp

Lulu was a princess; she had all she wanted. But there was one thing Lulu didn?t have; friends. Lulu?s family had a "royal wise man". The royal wise man said to Lulu?s parents that she had to go to camp. Her parent?s didn?t like the idea, but they knew he was right. Lulu?s parents told her that she was going to summer camp. In the beginning of camp, she was not respecting her camp mates at all. Like when one of her camp mates ask if she needed a hand to carry her bags, Lulu just hands her bags over. Lulu thinks of camp as her castle. For example, the first morning Lulu screamed for her breakfast, but nobody came. In the middle of the book, it made us wonder if she was ever going to make friends. Princess Lulu kind of acts like Danielle?s little sister, wanting everything she sees. This book teaches us that you should never be without a friend. And you should never say no before you try something new. This book is very exciting and very funny for example, when princess Lulu says "no phone?!", "no tv, either!" Will Princess Lulu ever make friends? Find out by reading this book.

We recommend this book to people who worry about trying new things and end up liking the thing you didn?t want to do.