1 Dovey Coe

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Dovey Coe

Written by Francer O'Roark Dowell

Reviewed by Kylee K. (age 11)

Dovey Coe

What would be your reactions if you were accused of murder? In this story a girl named Dovey Coe was accused of murdering Parnell, a man who likes her sister Caroline. Caroline doesn?t want to marry him she would rather go to college. Parnell spends his whole summer at their house trying to get her to marry him. He bothers Dovey and her brother Amos who is deaf. When Caroline turns him down at her going-away party things get a little harsh. He steals one of Amos?s dogs and tries to kill it but Dovey comes to the rescue. You?ll have to read the book to find out what happens next, and how Dovey gets accused of murder

This book was nominated for the William Allen White Award and won it. It went a little slow in the beginning but sped up in the end. This book had a very suprising ending and how they figure out that Dovey didn?t do it.

This book is one of the best because I like mystery stories and ghost stories so if you like the same stuff I do then you must read this book. So go to your library pick it up and read it!!!