1 Sonny's Beloved Boots

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Sonny's Beloved Boots

Written by Lisa Stubbs

Reviewed by Mary O. (age 8) & HJM (age 8)

Sonny's Beloved Boots

"Why doesn?t it rain? "He said very crossly. Sonny the duck got new beautiful red rain boots. He loved them so much that he wore them everywhere! Besides, Sonny didn?t want to miss the rain when he least expected it. He wore them every second of the day. Sonny wore them shopping and Sonny wore them to dinner at a friend?s house. He even wore them to bed! But there was one problem. It never rained! He was so upset. Then his grandma had a great idea to help Sonny?s problem. Read this book to find out if Sonny will get to play in the rain.

We learned that things can happen when you least expect it. We like when Sonny wore his boots everywhere. We thought it was funny because he wore them when it was very sunny and he wore them to bed and while eating and watching TV. It reminded us of when we go shopping and get new clothes and shoes and stuff, we love to where them everywhere. We wear them home. We even wear them the next day. We liked the illustrations because they are very colorful and give you a lot of information. Read this book and your day will be full of laughter.

Mary O. and HJM
are students in
Kevin's 2nd Grade Class