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Written by Sharon Creech

Reviewed by Katey M. (age 10)


Viva for this book!

This is a book about Dinnie, a girl who is ?kidnapped? and taken to an American school in Switzerland where they speak Italian (she is very confused.) At first she thinks that there will be no Americans in this school. She soon finds friends from many, many countries, including the U.S. With her new friends Guthrie and Lila, Dinnie has fun and loads of adventures with their classes, learning Italian and skiing in the Alps.

I like this book because it is full of adventure. You also learn some Italian words. It reminds me of my life because I have moved a lot like Dinnie and her family. It?s unique because it takes place in Switzerland, a country you don?t hear about very often (my ancestors are from there, too.)

I recommend this book to anybody who likes adventure and suspense. I think this novel by Sharon Creech should also get a Newbery Honor award, just like one of her other many stories, Walk Two Moons. Don?t miss this book! Ciao!