1 Outernet Friend or Foe?

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Outernet Friend or Foe?

Written by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

Reviewed by Justin S. (age 10)

Outernet Friend or Foe?

Outernet is about a boy in his teens who gets a laptop, or so he thinks. It is actually the only Foe free server link to the Outernet web that has an address of www.go2outer.net and can send or receive O-mail (Outernet mail) and send or receive T-mail (teleport mail). Teleport mail can teleport anything! Then he learns that he is in an intergalactic war! Becoming a Friends agent with his friends Loaf & Merle, he helps defend the Server and maintain the link.

The book has strange characters that have unusual abilities. Some characters are able to change their shape. The book is special because it has quite a bit of teleporting in the story. One of my favorite parts of the story when they are trying to return to Earth after visit an amusement planet and on the return trip the server accidentally picks up a fourth life form.

This is a book that I really loved. Fans of Star Trek and Star Wars would like it too. This book contains strange and funny stuff that most kids would enjoy. The book has a wide variety of characters that would interest most readers. They range from humans to computer viruses.