1 Mandy

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Written by Barbara D. Booth

Illustrated by Jim Lamarche

Reviewed by Lauren B. (age 10)


Have you ever had a home of your own? Mandy has had a home of her own. This book is exciting and grabs your attention. A young girl named Mandy finds an extraordinary treasure that is just out of the boundaries of her home which is an orphanage. The end takes a great big turn! It's exciting and has great feeling and description.

I liked this book because of its description. It made me get tons of pictures in my mind. Mandy reminds me of me because we both are curious and we like adventure. This book is unique because most orphan girls don't go out of their home because it's their only home. The illustrations aren't that good because they're just black and white. The story itself is great! It is amazing how Mandy works out the schedule for seeing her treasure between school,meals, and all those things they have to do. My reaction to the book was wanting to buy it because it was just so great!

I recommend this book because of all the detail and mental pictures this book gave me. If you like adventures and close calls you will love this book. Girls might like this book more than boys. If you can read you will love this book and your age doesn't matter.