1 Sing Down the Moon

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Sing Down the Moon

Written by Scott O'Dell

Reviewed by Alix B. (age 9)

Sing Down the Moon

Have you ever been kidnapped on the plains? In Sing Down the Moon, 14 year old Bright Morning and her friend are kidnapped by some Spanish slave traders and are separated and put in houses as slaves. Can they get home? Find out in Sing Down the Moon.

I like this book because it was about the forced migration of Navahos from Arizona to New Mexico. My favorite part was when they were kidnapped because it was exciting and realistic. I thought this was a special book because it describes what the Navaho people had to go through and how painful it was. It reminded me of when I had to move and leave all my old surroundings. This book made me calm and excited at the same time.

I recommend this book for all ages and both genders who like historical fiction. It is interesting because you never know what`s going to happen. Too bad it is not a series. I suggest you read it if this isn`t enough for you. Read it!