1 There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom

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There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom

Written by Louis Sachar

Illustrated by Not available

Reviewed by Nicole K. (age 10)

There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom

In the book, "There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom" by Louis Sachar, a boy named Bradly Chalkers changes. Bradly used to be a bully, but then something, or more like someone, helps him become nicer. In the beginning of the story, Bradly sits in class defiantly cutting up a test he had failed. Once the loud bell rings he leaves to pick on the new kid, Jeff. The very next day, Bradly discovers that the school has hired a counselor for troubled kids. He is on the list to see her. When he arrives, he decides that he doesn't need counseling from a girl named Carla, but he's required to see her every day. Jeff, who had been worried that Bradly would always pick on him, notices a difference in Bradly's behavior. Bradly begins acting almost as if they are friends. Finally, Bradly starts to like Carla, and he tries to be nice to her. Eventually things start to go great for Bradly. He and Jeff become friends. Even he and Carla become friends, but then a horrible thing happens to Bradly. Pick up a copy to find out what happens.

This book is a sad and touching story. I like it very much because Bradly starts to really like someone and becomes a better person. This story made me cry, but that is what I like about this book. I have a favorite character, and her name is Carla. I like her because she helps children and she reminds me of an old day care teacher named Ms. Holly. Carla seems like a caring loving counseler that I would like to meet in real life. Louis Sachar has written other books, and they all have jokes and are funny, but this book is different in many ways. This story could happen in real life. Most of his stories would never happen in real life. This book is extremely funny when Bradly plays and talks and relates to little wooden creatures, but it is sad to think that someone could be so mean. There is one thing all of his books have in common: once I start his books I can never put them down. I felt many things as I read this book and most of those feelings made me feel good. At first I felt like I was going to laugh because of what Bradly did. I felt like I was in the story because of all of the description and detail. It also makes me feel like I really know the charecters because of all the information the author gives me. When something happens to the characters, I feel like something happens to me. This book is a great book, and it's one of my favorites.

I would recommend this book, especially to kids who like comedy and like stories about every day life. I also think anyone from grades 3 to 7 will really like this book.