1 Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!!

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Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!!

Written by Todd Strasser

Reviewed by Alyssa C. (age 10)

Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!!

Have you ever done an experiment? How would you like to be one? In "Help I'm Trapped in My Teachers Body", a kid named Jake wouldn't behave in his class. Instead of sending him to the principal's office, the teacher, Mr. Dirksen, makes him carry a box full of heavy duty stuff to his house. There is a big storm going on, and the house gets hit by lightning which causes Mr. Dirksen and Jake to switch bodies. Now Jake has to be a teacher until he can get Mr. Dirksen to switch their bodies back. The problem is that Mr. Dirksen doesn't want to switch back. What will Jake do? Will he have to be a middle school science teacher for the rest of his life?

I liked "Help I'm Trapped in My Teacher's Body" because it is humorous. It has a lot of funny lines, and the characters are very amusing to read about. My favorite part is when Jake starts teaching science class and gets to be viewed by other teachers who studied his great technique of teaching. That part is cool because the real Mr. Dirksen in Jake's body is surprised at how good Jake is at teaching. This book reminds me of when I get mad at my teachers and then think about how they feel. I think they feel more frustrated than I do.

I would recommend this book because it is fun and exciting. Anyone who likes a good laugh, and a good story should read it.It is funny when Jake's sister figures out that Jake is in Mr. Dirksen's body. "Help, I'm Trapped in My Teacher's Body" gives you a perspective of what teachers go through when you don't behave. I think that if you read this book you will behave better in your classes. I know I do.