1 Swiss Family Robinson

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Swiss Family Robinson

Written by Johann Wyss

Reviewed by Jacob Y. (age 10)

Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson is about a family of five who get shipwrecked on an unknown island, and have to live off the island. They have many adventures and learn to tame a buffalo, a bull, and many other animals. They find many places to live. During their stay they are forced to kill wild animals who try to attack their camps. At the end they must decide whether to stay on this pleasant yet dangerous island, or leave and go back to New Switzerland.

One of the characters I liked was Fritz because he was always his Dad's friend. As I was reading, this book made me wonder if they were ever going to get off that island. Franz, the younger one of the bunch, is the character that reminds me of myself because he has almost nothing to do. Mostly what he does is stay by his mother. He is also funny. Once he said, "Why don't we plant gunpowder?" The whole family laughed. My favorite part is when two lions attack their camp and the dogs, Juno and Bruno, attack the two lions. Juno sadly dies but Fritz finishes off the female lion with his rifle. In this book there are no illustrations, but there are a lot of brain-boggling words. This book is not like any other books that I have read because it is full of adventures, dangerous wild animals and, most importantly, it is about friendship.

I would recommend it to an audience of people that are very patient. I think that the action of this story would be what catches a reader's attention. I recommend Swiss Family Robinson for the adventure that is in it.