1 Bing Bang Boing

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Bing Bang Boing

Written by Douglas Florian

Illustrated by Douglas Florian

Reviewed by Anna M. (age 10)

Bing Bang Boing

Bing Bang Boing is an awesome book. I like the way Douglas Florian draws his pictures. He takes one picture and makes it look like something else. Some of the pictures help clear up what he means in the poems he writes. Sometimes if you want to know what the picture is telling you, you have to visualize the picture for a little while like in the poem called "Destinations." It looks like a rock but it?s really a woman holding a tennis racket in her hand. I have two favorite poems. The first one is called Seashells. The second one is called Tree. They are both somewhat about nature.

This is a neat book for poem lovers like me. Douglas Florian is inspiring for people who want to be poets when they grow up. It even inspires people that already are young poets. Douglas Florian did an absolute great job on his book.

I recommend this book to anyone that really enjoys poetry. This is a great opportunity to start on your poetry writing. Don?t miss out on this great poetry. I promise you that you?ll absolutely flip for this book.