1 The Kid in the Red Jacket

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The Kid in the Red Jacket

Written by Barbara Park

Illustrated by Rob Sauber

Reviewed by Andrea H. (age 10)

The Kid in the Red Jacket

This story is about a boy who has just moved to a place in a different state, called Chester Pewe. A girl who lives next to him at the new house, named Molly, has hardly any other friends, she is only in first grade, but wants to do everything with Howard. Howard is invited to play a football game, and Molly wants to also. No matter what Howard says, he can?t talk Molly out of it. Howard tries to avoid Molly, but she seems to always be in his house, and is really on his nerves.

My reaction to this story is that if I were Howard I would feel sorry for Molly, because she is a very funny character.

I recommend this book, because it will make you laugh, and it is interesting, and it ends well. Maybe you know someone like Molly.