1 Journey to Nowhere

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Journey to Nowhere

Written by Mary Jane Auch

Reviewed by Brittany T. (age 9)

Journey to Nowhere

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure to find a home? Well, you can if you read Journey to Nowhere. In the spring of 1815, Remembrance and her family set off in a covered wagon from their farm in Connecticut to the wilderness of Western New York. Mem and her mom see it as a Journey to Nowhere, since there won't be any houses or neighbors, just endless forest and cruel strangers. When Mem is unexpectedly separated from her family, she must face every danger alone until ... I guess you'll have to go on an adventure to find out if Mem ever finds her family and gets to her new home. In Journey to Nowhere my favorite part was when Mem got lost and she couldn't find her family. During this time Mem had to find her own food and live in the wild. I think this book is very adventurous and descriptive because it tells a lot of things about what's going on. You can see the pictures in your mind and it's adventurous because she has to fight and help people. The story reminds me of when I got lost in the woods and I had to find my way out. I recommend this book to people that like adventures because it is an adventurous book. I also recommend this book to 4th and 5th graders because there are hard words.