1 The Dollhouse Caper

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The Dollhouse Caper

Written by Jean O'Connell

Reviewed by Alex S. (age 10)

The Dollhouse Caper

Imagine if dollhouse people could come alive at night. Well that?s what happens to this family of five. Three boys don?t play with the dollhouse that they?ve had for six years. However, they do funny things to them like putting the dad?s head in the toilet, and making the daughters hair all messed up. During the night the dolls come alive. They think the three boys are bored with them. One night, two robbers come and look in the window of the main house. The dolls see the robbers, and know something is wrong. They must warn the boys, but only the littlest boy secretly plays with them and their house nicely. If you want to know if the tollhouse people can warn them before it?s to late read this book to find out.

I think the unique thing about this book is that I?ve never read a book where dollhouse people come alive. It?s funny how they go through problems just like humans do. But the funny part is how they deal with the problems that we would have no trouble at all doing like taking out the trash that would be super hard for them. My favorite part was when they have to pull the dad?s head out of the toilet and find the brother?s arm that they are so concerned about because it has a watch painted on it. My friend Caitlin, reminds me of one of the characters because Caitlin is always trying to solve problems and warn people if something is going on. This is I liked this book.

I recommend this book because it?s funny and mysteries and you just can?t put it down. People who like books where they might end a chapter saying ?Soon they would have to think of a plan before it?s too late.? Would enjoy this book