1 Danger in Quicksand Swamp

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Danger in Quicksand Swamp

Written by Bill Wallace

Reviewed by Steven C. (age 10)

Danger in Quicksand Swamp

Imagine if you were on an island that was supposed to have treasures and was surrounded by alligators. Well that?s what happened to the two main characters. The reason they were on the island called Quicksand Swamp was because one of the main characters found a boat with a treasure map in it. At first they couldn?t find Quicksand Swamp. Then they finally found it. They started digging and found out there was no treasure at all! Then they saw that their boat was tied to the other side of the lake. When the other main character went to get the boat a giant alligator chased him back to the island! That?s when they found out the island was surrounded by alligators! Then they encountered a quicksand field! Next they eat an alligator! Then they found out that they were caught in a trap! At last they set a trap to catch the guy who set the trap. Who is this culprit/murderer? To find out read this book.

This book made me feel tense because two kids try to make it out of a swamp surrounded by alligators. I like this book because it has some action in it unlike most books. My favorite part is when they ate the alligator. I like this part because the alligator is raw so it tastes bad. I felt excited as I read the book because the two kids got in tight situations. The book made me wonder if they would ever make it out of the swamp.

I recommend this book because it is a suspense book. If I were to give this book review stars [1 to 5] I?d give it 4 and 1 half. People who like suspense books will like this book. People who like alligators might also like this book.