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Book of Enchantments

Written by Patricia Wrede

Reviewed by Micheal J. (age 11)

Did you like books about fairy tales and mystical animals when you where a kid, then you should have read this book it has many exciting adventures and mysteries but I picked my favorite one to tell you about.

This story is mostly like any other short story in The book of Enchantments it is a little strange. But the characters are very interesting in ways of there personality.

Also the topic of the story is very interesting. My favorite character was a cat who they found out in one of the stories that he was really a wizard who was trapped in a cat?s body. He was my favorite character because of his personality he was nether afraid to say what he wanted to say and he tried all of his challenges before he gave up.

This story is basically about a wizard who was the luckiest wizard in the land because he was so rich but he had no friends and all his family nether talked to him so much anymore sense he was a child and he wanted his own family and children but he couldn?t because he did not have a wife because every one in the land only fought he did not care about anyone except his self and that he was a mean rich wizard. Later on in the story is mostly about the wizard when he meets women who end being his life.

Read this story to find who his wife is? And why after all these years of people hating him why does this woman say she loves the wizard?

So if you want to find out what happened in the story you should read The Book of Enchantments. Also this book has many other adventure and short stories in The Book of Enchantments.