1 Totally Disgusting!

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Totally Disgusting!

Written by Bill Wallace

Illustrated by Leslie Morrill

Reviewed by Federica F. (age 9)

Totally Disgusting!

This story is about 7 kittens that were just born. One day their mom told them that they had to move upstairs to a lady that will sell them to a special person. So their mom brought the kittens upstairs one by one. One of the kittens died, because a rat came and killed it! Then the lady sells the kittens to kids & adults. One kitten was sold to a family with a mom, a dad, and two twins, Jessica and Timmy. Jessica gets a kitten and Timmy gets a dog. Timmy names it Barkus! Jessica calls the kitty Mewkiss! The dog is totally dumb and the cat is smart! One day Barkus and Mewkiss went out in the yard. They heard rats talking about Timmy and Jessica and how they were planning to kill them! So Mewkiss tries to warn Jessica, but she doesn?t understand. It was all up to Mewkiss. You?ll have to read to find out what happens next!

I think this book is great because it has adventurous moments and humorous moments. I like the cat Mewkiss because it is smart and the dog Barkus is dumb .My favorite part was when Jessica hugs Mewkiss, because Jessica was happy and I like when people are happy. I liked the story also because Mewkiss says ?meow? which means it?s happy, too. There were 3 characters that I liked the most. I liked Mewkiss, Jessica, and Barkus. I like Mewkiss because he?s funny, frightened, and brave. I like Jessica because she loves cats, and always pays attention to Mewkiss. I like Barkus because he?s dumb, funny, and scared. I thought they were good characters because they were written with a lot of details. I also enjoyed the funny pictures on page 111. There?s a really cute one, too.

I recommend this book because it was a kind of adventure for me. I would recommend this book to my close friends and to other people who like animals. I think Mewkiss is brave when he has to go down to the rats. I think this is the best book ever and that you will find many brave moments in it, too!