1 Dealing With Dragons

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Dealing With Dragons

Written by Patricia Wrede

Reviewed by Lily T. (age 9)

Dealing With Dragons

This book is a wonderful story about a beautiful princess named Cimorene. Cimorene could not stand her usual life at home. She makes up her mind to run away. She goes to live with a female Dragon named Kazul. With the help of Alianora, a stone prince, the spells of a witch, and a fine poofing charm they are off on a mind-muddling adventure. Wizards are invading the dragon territory. Cimorene does some detective work to find out what they are up to. Can Cimorene do this? You?ll have to read the book to find out.

This is a great book, because it has many details and is very realistic for a fantasy story. I think this author deserves a ten out of ten. My favorite part is when Cimorene doesn?t want to be rescued. This is my favorite part because she argues with a knight instead of wanting to be rescued. While reading this story I found myself wondering if I could live in a magical land. I would suggest to the author to put more excitement and laughter in the story, but other than that I love it. The unique thing about this book is that so much was new to me.

I recommend this book to fourth graders and up, because younger children might have a hard time understanding the plot. I hope you enjoy it. If you love fantasy novels and BIG adventures you will love this story.