1 Mighty Machines: Airplanes

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Mighty Machines: Airplanes

Written by Christopher Maynard

Illustrated by various photographers

Reviewed by Kelsey M. (age 8)

Mighty Machines: Airplanes

Has your Mom or Dad ever driven you just one mile before? How long did it take them? Did you know that the Concorde airplane takes only three seconds to fly one mile? This book tells you about many different kinds of airplanes. The Concordes are French airplanes. The 747's are really, really big airplanes. When someone paints a 747, it is like adding a large horse to the airplane. That's how much the paint weighs! This book not only tells you about different kinds of airplanes, but it also tells you about other big machines that you can find at the airport.

I really liked this book because my mom works as a flight attendant on airplanes. I have wanted to be a pilot for a long time, too. The pictures in this book are not illustrations but real photographs. That makes it really interesting because you get to see what all the big machines really look like.

I recommend this book because it has everything you would want to know about an airport. If you are interested in airplanes or want to know what happens at the airport, you would like this book. It shows pictures of places at the airport and different machines that you could find there.