1 My Dad the Magnificent

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My Dad the Magnificent

Written by Kristy Parker

Illustrated by Lillian Hoban

Reviewed by Michael M. (age 8)

A little boy tells the story in this book. His friend Alex brags about his dad. So the little boy makes up stories about his dad. He tells Alex that on Mondays his dad is a lion tamer. He makes up other stories for the other days of the week. Then one day Alex finds out that the little boy is not telling the truth. So when the little boy tells Alex that he can't play with him on Saturday because he's doing something special with his dad, Alex doesn't believe him. But the little boy and his dad really do some special things together. Read this book to find out what fun things the little boy and his dad do together. Maybe you could ask your dad to do them with you.

My favorite part is when the little boy imagines that his dad saves a baby from a shark. It's my favorite part because his dad is like a hero. Sharks are scary. If you saved a baby from a shark, than you would be a hero,too.

I would recommend this book to all second graders who like to read stories where the character likes to pretend. Boys, especially, would probably like to read this book because it's a story about a boy and his dad. If you are a first grader you might want your mom or dad to read it to you.