1 A Chair for My Mother

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A Chair for My Mother

Written by Vera B. Williams

Illustrated by Vera B. Williams

Reviewed by Mashiya C. (age 8)

A Chair for My Mother

This book is a story about a family trying to buy a new chair. The chair is for when the mother comes home to rest after a long day at work . She works at the Blue Tile Diner and works very hard as a waitress serving costumers. The chair is also for grandma so that she can be comfortable while she makes dinner and peels potatoes. The little girl wants a chair so she can fall asleep in her mother's lap.

The reason they don't have a chair is because their apartment burned down in a fire. They moved to Aunt Ida's building and got an apartment downstairs. When they moved into the building the neighbors helped by giving food, furniture, and dishes.

The little girl and her family saved money by putting all the change they had in a jar. It took a long time to save enough but they finally filled the jar. With the money they went to the store and bought a new, beautiful, soft chair made of velvet with roses all over it. They finally got the chair they wanted!

I liked this story because the girl was able to save enough money to buy what she needed and wanted. I didn't like it when the apartment burned down because they had nothing left. Fortunately eveyone was safe and the neighbors were able to help them. This is a story about people helping each other and waiting patiently for things that they want. This is a good book for families to read because it shows how they can work together.