1 The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

Written by H.G. Wells (adaptation of)

Reviewed by Brenna H. (age 10)

The Time Machine

Imagine if you could travel through time. Well, a college professor named Phillip could. Phillip, after teaching a class, starts planning for the next day when his friend walks in and reminds him about his date with his girlfriend, Emma. When Phillip reaches the ice skating rink, Emma skates up to him. Phillip says he needs to tell Emma something. When they start walking in the park, Phillip proposes to Emma. As soon as she accepts, a man walks up and says ?Couldn?t help but overhear the news, but I?m going to have to rob you now?. The man pulls out a gun and takes Phillip?s money and watch. He tried to take Emma?s ring. Phillip tried to block him from getting her ring but the trigger on the gun went off and shot Emma! So Phillip invented a time machine. After he got back in time, he met Emma again and took her to the flower shop. Phillip told Emma to wait on the other side of the road while he bought her some flowers. After he got in the flower shop a car swerved and fell on top of Emma! Why does Emma keep dying? Phillip realizes that he can go back a thousand times and watch her die a thousand different ways. Phillip goes to the future. Since it?s the future Phillip goes to the library but he finds nothing. He goes farther in time and the moon is breaking because people in the future tried to build a city on the moon. Suddenly this huge explosion knocks Phillip out. He lands on the time machine and his head is lying on the lever of the time machine. After he wakes up he turns off the time machine and finds himself near a village. He walks in and a girl becomes his friend. She tells the villagers that he?s not an intruder who will hurt them. Phillip learns that this village is not what it seems. This village is attacked by strange gray haired beasts and Phillip?s friend is captured. When Phillip goes after her, he finds that she is at the mercy of this man who has white hair, a white face and blue lips. He is the leader of these beasts! What will happen to Phillip and his friend? You?ll have to read the book to find out.

There was something about the book that made me feel like I was in this really cool sci-fi world. I felt that way because everything was made up and the things that happened were neat and suspenseful. This story reminds me of times in my life when I wish I could just go back in time and do something all over again. The story made me feel like I was in it because it really grabs you and never lets go. It?s a book that stays with you. It made me think about if I could acutely invent a real time machine. I would go back in time and meet my grandma before she died.

I recommend this book because I enjoyed it very much. I was introduced to this book through my mom and I am grateful because The Time Machine was a wonderful book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction or time travel.