1 Money Hunt

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Money Hunt

Written by Franklin Dixon

Reviewed by Jacob M. (age 9)

Money Hunt

Imagine if you were at a hunting lodge that had visitors saying they?ve seen a ghost riding around on an ATV at dawn and chainsaw sounds at night. Well that?s what Frank and Joe have to find out. Frank and Joe are playing darts when suddenly someone threw a dagger at Frank that nearly killed him. Joe pulled on the rug Frank was standing on so Frank would fall and the dagger would miss him. They think Mrs. Acerly did it because she has good aim. It hit right on the bulls eye. But she doesn?t have the power to throw that fast. Later, Frank and Joe go hiking and searching for clues. Frank and Joe notice a big pile of trees. The pile of trees was so thick you couldn?t see what was underneath. Frank and Joe decided to walk across, but they here ice cracking. Frank told Joe that thin ice means deep water. Joe suggested they shouldn?t risk it. Later on, they call friends to help them. Will their friends Chet and Biff make a difference? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part was when Frank and Joe were playing darts. When somebody threw a dagger at Frank, but Joe saved him. This story reminds me of my life because my brother Jesse always steels my stuff and doesn?t admit it. I have to prove it just like Frank and Joe have to prove who took/found the money. I think this book is great and I really liked it because it?s exiting and I like mysteries.

I recommend this book because it?s good and it really didn?t end like I thought it would. If you like mysteries this is the book for you.