1 How Kittens Grow

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How Kittens Grow

Written by Millicent Ellis Selsam

Illustrated by Neil Johnson (photographs by))

Reviewed by Rachel 2 (A. K.) (age 7)

How Kittens Grow

This non-fiction book is about how kittens grow. On the first page, the mother cat had just given birth to four kittens. The kittens cannot open their eyes for one week. On one page a kitten is playing with its brother or sister. The book says that kittens gain about six ounces each week. The book says as kittens get older on farms they hunt for their own food.

I think you should read this book if you like cats. This book is all photographs. I liked the part when the book says kittens play with everything they can find like a shoe and a necklace. I like it because it's a funny picture. You can learn about kittens from this non-fiction book. If you want to raise a kitten, this book will help you a lot. I like this book because I like kittens. They are so cute. I recommend this book to people who like cats.

If you would like to learn more about cats and kittens, I think you should read this book. If you want to raise a kitten or a cat, read this book. It will help you raise a kitten. It tells you so much information about kittens.