1 A Valentine for Tommy

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A Valentine for Tommy

Written by Wendy Wax

Illustrated by Robert Roper

Reviewed by DV (age 6)

A Valentine for Tommy

Tommy got a Valentine gift from his grandparents that was a purple hippo. Then he went shopping with his parents. Tommy saw his hippo in a store window and wondered how he got to the store. Then they go to a candy store and then to a toy store. They see a bunch of hippo toys and they spill on the floor. The people in the store are not happy. In the end, he goes to sleep with his hippo.

I like to watch Rugrat cartoons at home. My favorite character is Angelica. The book is a lot like the cartoons. They have a movie, too. This book makes me want to read other Rugrat books.

Kids who watch Rugrats would like this movie.