1 Arthur's First Kiss

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Arthur's First Kiss

Written by Mark Brown

Illustrated by Mark Brown

Reviewed by MGR (age 7)

Arthur's   First  Kiss

In this story, Arthur has never had a kiss. He doesn't want a kiss, either. Francine wants to kiss him. D. W. was teasing Arthur. He goes to Francine's party and D. W. saves Arthur from having to kiss Francine. My favorite part was at the end because D. W. had Arthur's puppy kiss him.

I've read other Arthur books before but this one is my favorite. It is so funny! I haven't ever kissed a boy before and I don't want to. I know how Arthur feels. I have a puppy at home but it doesn't kiss me. It's a big dog and I'm scared of him.

This story is great. Everyone would enjoy reading this story because it will make them laugh.