1 Baloney (Henry P.)

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Baloney (Henry P.)

Written by Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Brayden H. (age 7)

Baloney (Henry P.)

Henry was late for school once too often. He always said ?But?? and he kept repeating it. His teacher let him do his morning work even though he was late. His teacher said he would have to have a good excuse or stay at school for the rest of his life. He teased his teacher by telling funny things about why he was late. You?ll just have to find out the rest.

You can look in the back of the book for the Decoder to tell you the alien words. I do not like the alien words because I cannot read it. Henry P. fooled his teacher but she didn?t believe it. I like how he fooled his teacher because it was funny. He called the aliens ?doofbrain? and he meant ?thank you? but he forgot the word to say ?thank you?. I liked the pictures because they were made out of tin foil and things.

I think first and second grade kids will like this book because it is funny. I think you will laugh when you see him.